Reflective Insulating Waterproof Coating

Short Description:

Color: Colorful
Appearance: Liquid
Main Raw Material: Acrylic, Silicone
Method: Spray or Brush
Level: Finish Coat
Drying Method: Air Drying
Specification: 25/20kg/barrel
Certification: ISO14001, CCC, RoHS, ISO9001

Product Detail

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Anti Water

Anti Corrossion

Anti Rusty

Anti Impact

Anti Slip

Anti Abrasion

Product Details

Reflective insulating coating is made of imported and domestic reflection, insulation raw materials, TAO, etc., self-crosslinking polymer. After the film is formed into a film, it has the characteristics of high heat-reflecting heat insulation, weather resistance, and excellent stain resistance. It can effectively reduce the surface temperature of the wall and is suitable for all kinds of building energy-saving projects. It is a new energy-saving waterproof and heat-insulating material that integrates anti-heat, radiation and barrier functions.

The coating can reflect more than 85% of solar radiation and near-infrared light in the range of 400-2500nm (the solar reflectivity is 0.85), effectively preventing the heat accumulation of sunlight. At the same time, a thermal resistance material with extremely low thermal conductivity is added to the coating to effectively block the transfer of thermal energy.


Significant Cooling

Heat insulation, sunscreen cooling effect is good, high temperature drying all day, the coating surface is still cool and not hot, a variety of insulation and waterproof cooling effect combined into one, to achieve multiple sun protection, cooling insulation effect of 15degrees or more, energy saving rate More than 58%.

Strong Waterproof Performance

Reflective Insulating Coating is tough and not cracked, it is not easy to aging, it is easy to prevent aging, and it can effectively prevent leakage and water scouring.

Good Weather Resistance

Strong weather resistance, excellent UV resistance, and effective service life of more than 10 years.

Strong Anti-Corrosion Performance

Coating anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-acid rain, etc., can withstand various harsh weather tests.

Strong Adhesion

After the paint is applied, there will be no cracks, peeling, peeling, chalking, etc., and the grain can be dried on the coating. It is not afraid of scraping, drawing, pressing, and can plant flowers and plants without leaking water.

Environmentally Friendly

Tasteless and self-cleaning: This coating is a water-based product. It does not contain harmful substances such as cadmium, lead, chromium, etc., no heavy metals, formaldehyde, VOC, and no volatile substances. It is an environmentally friendly product. The surface of the coating is hydrophobic and oleophobic, has good stain resistance and is washable

Good Quality Visible

Range Of Application

Building exteriors, roofs, steel structures, petrochemical storage tanks, warehouses, telecommunications base stations and all places where insulation, cooling, waterproofing and energy saving are required.


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