Non Cure Bitumen Rubber Waterproof Coatings

Short Description:

Color: Black
Appearance: Liquid
Main Raw Material: Rubber /Bitumen
Method: Spray/Brush
Level: Finish Coat
Drying Method: Air Drying
Certification: ISO14001, ISO9001

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Anti Water

Anti Corrossion

Anti Rusty

Anti Impact

Anti Slip

Anti Abrasion

Product Details

Non Curing Liquid Rubber Modified Bitumen Waterproof Coating for Roofing, Ground

Non curing liquid rubber asphalt waterproof coating ingredients:
High quality asphalt, polymeric modifier and the additive.
It always keep gel-like after application.


Never Curing

Content of curing material more than 99%, almost no volatile. Always keep gel-like after construction.

Physical Property

Excellent resistance to corrosion, high and low temperature; Non-toxic, no odor, no pollution, flame-retardant.

Strong Adhesion

Strong adhesion to any kind of substrate, can be applied on wet substrate.

Good Flexibility

Good flexibility, high elongation, well adapted to substrate deformation.

Strong Self Sealing

The non-curable rubber modified bitumen waterproof coating will flow to the damaged place and fill full in it.

Simple Application

Simple application by airless spray, scraper. It's both ok to construction at normal temperature and sub-zero.


Easy to apply. Both brushing and spraying are ok.

Complete Waterproof Layer

Form the stable, seamless and complete waterproof layer.


High Solid Content

More than 98%, no solvent or volatile matter

Never Be Solidified

Always keep the state of creeping viscous paste, can resist the deformation of substrate.

Excellent Creeping Property

Good self healing ability. Able to heal the concrete automatically, suitable for complex construction surface.

Temperature Resistance

Can be used below -20ºC.

Wide Range Of Application

It can be used on the wet surface without visible water and any other surface that made from various materials.

Easy To Apply

Easy to apply. Both brushing and spraying are ok.







Repair old bitumen felts, asphalt felts

EPDM, PVC membranes, old acrylic coatings

Stadium stands


Car parks


Performance Characteristics

No. Item Technical index
1 Flashing point/ºC≥ 180
2 Solid content/%≥ 98
3 Adhesion strength Dry base 100%Cohesion damage
Wet base
4 Elongation/mm≥ 15
5 Low temperature flexibility -20ºC,No crack
6 Heat resistance/ºC 65
No slip, flow or drop
7 Heat deterioration (70ºC,168h) Elongation/mm ≥ 15
Low temperature flexibility -15ºC,No crack
8 Acid resistance (2%H2SO4) Externals No change
Elongation/mm ≥ 15
Mass change/% ±2.0
9 Alkali resistance
[0.1%NaOH+Saturated Ca(OH)2 solvent]
Externals No change
Elongation/mm ≥ 15
Mass change/% ±2.0
10 Salt resistance (3%NaC1 Solvent) Externals No change
Elongation/mm ≥ 15
Mass change/% ±2.0
11 Self healing No water penetration
12 Stress relaxation/%≤ No treatment 35
Heat deterioration(70ºC,168h)
13 Anti-water breakthrough/0.6MPa No waterproof breakthrough

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