What is good polyurea?

Polyurea elastomer, a new green material developed to meet the requirements of environmental protection, integrates multiple functions and functions. Good physical and chemical properties and good thermal stability make polyurea elastomer in great demand in the market.

As protection, polyurea is mainly used in four fields: waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti abrasion and surface decoration, such as pipeline anti-corrosion, steel structure anti-corrosion, storage tank anti-corrosion, roof waterproof, sports stand, aquarium and so on.

A class of compounds formed by the reaction of isocyanate components with amino compounds. Isocyanate components can be monomers, polymers, isocyanate derivatives, prepolymers and semi prepolymers.

Polyurea is the polyamide of carbonic acid, which is equivalent to the polyester of polycarbonate. Polyurea can be formed by polymerization of diamine with diisocyanate or urea. Urea group has large polarity and can form more hydrogen bonds. Therefore, the melting point of polyurea is higher than that of the corresponding polyamide, and the toughness is also large. It is suitable for textile fibers.

It can be seen that polyurea with good toughness can adapt to a variety of anti-corrosion construction conditions, or the requirements for environmental climate are relatively not strict.

Post time: Aug-13-2021