Suggestions on the use of polyurea

Polyurea is an elastomer formed by the reaction of isocyanate component and amino compound component. It is divided into pure polyurea and semi polyurea. Their properties are different. The most basic characteristics of polyurea are anti-corrosion, waterproof, wear resistance, etc., Because of this characteristic, polyurea is widely used in various industries; Polyurea can be used in the world with high cost performance. It is a product selected by many people. Polyurea has the following suggestions:


1. Although polyurea is widely used, it is not suitable for use in some strong acid-base corrosive environments. Polyurea is used in general weak alkali and weak acid environments, so the environment needs to be considered for use, but it can be used in most environments.

2. Polyurea construction needs to be carried out in a certain temperature environment. The temperature from minus 40 ℃ to above 120 ℃ can be used.

3. For construction in different temperature and humidity environments, first select the matched interface agent and primer to ensure good adhesion between the surface layer and the substrate. In different use environments, select different types of polyurea and matching primer

4. Because polyurea is widely used in different fields, and its requirements are different in different fields, there are different requirements for thickness during construction.

5. After the construction of polyurea is completed, special attention should also be paid to the early maintenance. Its performance will be degraded if it is put into use too early.

Post time: Aug-13-2021